تعبير عن مخاطر الغاز والكهرباء باللغه الانكليزى


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    تعبير عن مخاطر الغاز والكهرباء باللغه الانكليزى

    مُساهمة من طرف مشارى العنزي في الثلاثاء أبريل 14, 2015 9:28 pm

    House which was an area and level is an oasis of security and safety, it represents a place of personal and family stability, and family members are exposed, especially younger ones children to the dangers of many incidents that may lead to death as a result of serious injuries and burns, drowning, poisoning .. etc., may be due to the reason for the occurrence of accidents in the home to ignorance and neglect or as a result of deficiencies in the safety information with family members, so there are two thing very dangerous in our life Gas and Electricity
    First, Liquefied gas from the materials and the necessary goods and that no one can be dispensed with, it is hardly without a house or a laboratory or factory of gas of all sizes and uses, whether for cooking or heating as they pose a significant risk to the fact that this flammable gas has a degree shimmer is very low and the air expelled from the bottom to top it any flammable and explosive under normal temperatures if the availability of adequate oxygen ratio and the flame or spark appropriate and The gas for domestic use one essential to our daily lives supplies not without more places where we operate daily from the presence of gas, which do not pose any danger if, but the misuse of that article and the omission of the required procedures for the prevention of risks command displays our lives and our property at risk, they can cause suffocation being unfit to breathe, and cause some serious explosions and fires being a flammable material, and when it gets leaked and be with air mixture up to the concentration of inflammation or explosion and then the issuance of a simple enough sparks to fall risk.
    Second, Electricity works to disable the nerves and hurt them even damage them completely, as they lead to the burning of the muscles and the rest of the parts of the body if the current is high, or if it continues for a long period of time, or by a direct hit by the place. Electric shocks hurt the children and visually structure more than adults, they are more likely to die. He also electricity and the risk of damage to the machinery, equipment and other, any defect in the electrical wiring or equipment, machinery lead to fires or factories, machines, which in turn lead to the suspension of production or damage to the occurrence of fires crashes occur. In fact, the serious damage to electricity in their most simple form, but what is important is the causes of this damage occurs, and dealing with electricity in general neglect and indifference to sponsor the occurrence of accidents unwanted.
    Finally, the gas for domestic one essential to our lives and electricity works to disable the nerves and hurt them even damage them completely, but still gas and electricity is very important in our life without gas and electricity the life is very hard.

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